Accelerating new hire onboardings with multi-user VR

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How a top 5 global energy company has stepped changed its onboarding using game mechanics and VR.


The challenge

Over the last 5 years, this well-known global energy company has been on a journey to dramatically change its employee experience. With the objective to find innovative and disruptive ways to operate for any interaction an employee would have with other employees, functions, data, platform, processes, they have made significant investments to turn their vision into reality.

When they approached us, remained to solve one major challenge: how could they also step change the way new employees would interact in their first days within the company. How could they accelerate their learning? How could they ensure that this new knowledge would remain longer vs. their current traditional onboarding techniques? How could they do this in a way that would fulfill their new global vision for their employees?


The idea

Shifting employees from passive to active learning by building an onboarding experience in which they get onboard in a playful, interactive way and take a holistic view about the company’s global energy activities, business units, and functions. Employees learn about different energy products, how they are produced, transported and used by consumers. At the same time, the experience creates an opportunity to socialize during this experience with current employees.


The solution

We created a virtual reality multi-user mini construction and city-building experience for the HTC Vive. The goal is for the user to provide the city with energy and make it come alive. This is achieved by searching for resources, constructing buildings and transportation systems and producing energy from different sources like wind, gas, and oil. As the user starts building, he soon starts learning what works, what does not and needs to interact with others more experienced team member to learn how to get around the different challenges he encounters.

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