Increasing Sales of a Just-On-Time Software via a VR vizualization

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We have built a VR visualization for a Just-In-Time software to increase sales at this Top 3 Global Software Company


The challenge

This well-known global software company develops solutions to help its clients manage business operations and customer relations. One if its latest innovation aims at bringing together the latest digital technologies into one software that can integrate its clients’ digital transformation.

For the last 12 months, the company had tested how VR could help increase its sales and improve its overall marketing efforts, by showing prospective customers real-life use cases.

With very positive prospects’ feedback and increase in sales at shows and events were a VR demonstration was available,  the company decided to step-up its investments into the technology.

With this decision came a series of design and technical questions: how could they build more complex demos without losing their prospective customer’s engagement? How could they integrate the personal data of the demo users into their CRM? How to build a very high-end graphics VR experience using what existed the year before? How to ship the demo across platforms, especially WebGL? How to manage the integration of high-end visual assets into the development of the VR solution?


The solution

Our tech team advised this client by integrating its design development team and taking the lead in Agile project development. To reduce the quality risks linked to this high profile and complex project, we also integrated a technical artist into their graphic design team, to ensure delivery of visual assets with the utmost quality. Besides the technical development, our team was responsible for establishing the asset pipeline, testing, QA, Publishing Support and the coaching of the Artists.

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