Experimenting how AR can improve eShoppers buying journey

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How a global consumer good company is staying ahead of eContent innovation by building AR MVPs


The challenge

The release in 2017 by Apple and Google of powerful new AR SDKs has raised eyebrows in the consumer good industry. With the potential to change the way consumer experience products before purchase, AR comes with a significant disruptive potential within the buyer’s purchasing process. Can the new technology improve trial and penetration? Can 3D visualization add significant value to the shoppers’ journey? This Global consumer goods company needed help to understand what is the potential for the technology. They asked us to implement short-cycle experimentations to validate their key business assumptions.


The solution

Implement the relevant success measures for each key business assumption and build the corresponding MVPs in very short feedback cycles, using Google AR kit. Present and review the dashboard for each MVP on a cohort basis. Decide to  ‘pivot or persevere’ and optimize where needed.



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